Month: June 2019


I have started a new Instagram account, @LOaltitude!

Please follow me there, for the latest and greatest of my aviation productions!

More to come soon…



In case you missed it, this weekend I had the absolute honor of interviewing everyone’s favorite YouTube aviator, Captain Joe!

Captain Joe does a 55-minute interview on Aviation LO Down, hosted by David Lombardo from ATC Memes! (Long Island, NY)

Cultivating a YouTube following of over 1 MILLION subscribers, Captain Joe is without a doubt one of the most watched and influential aviators today. From his detailed oriented, friendly, and extremely informative videos, to his creative vision and world-wide travel experiences, Captain Joe is undeniably one of the most inspiring pilots within the realm of aviation. 

Join me, LO, as I talk to Captain Joe to learn about his story and his channel. From his first flight in a biplane, to being invited to aviation events all over the world, Joe is full of real positive and infectious energy that is hard to ignore. As someone who is well spoken and down-to-earth, Joe not only makes a perfect role model for those interested in aviation, but a role model for those looking to live all of life in a true, artistic, and authentic way.

If you’d like to hear the episode, visit the homepage!

YouTube: Captain Joe

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