Month: October 2019

fall 2019

Well, its’ about time that I update this thing! I have been incredibly busy with so many different projects, and admittedly I rarely update the text portion of this blog. However, I think it’s probably a good time to do so, seeing that it’s been a few months.

The podcast has been growing consistently for almost a year now, and the Instagram (@LOaltitude) page that I run is getting about 3-4M impressions per week. This is substantially higher than it was about a year ago; and some of you can recall that earlier in the year I split from my previous page.

As I mention in the latest podcast episode, I am actually beginning to plan for the big aviation events next year; most notably SUN ‘n FUN, Oshkosh, Jones Beach (Bethpage Airshow), and some speaking engagements. I hope to see some of you out there. It is truly an incredible time for anyone interested or involved with aviation in any capacity. I sometimes feel like the days at the events go way too fast. One of the things I hope to do is actually record some audio for the podcast products during these really exciting aviation events! There will be more details on that as the time comes.

David Lombardo (ATC Memes/@LOaltitude/Aviation LO Down) in his home recording studio
My home studio

For now, I want to say to all: I appreciate your fanship so much. My passion for creating media in the aviation industry, something that started as a humble side hobby, has slowly evolved into something quite large and community based. As they say, the sky is the limit. Onward!